quarta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2005

Intermusicalidade III

Dizem que sou louco. Só louco, amar como eu amei.

You tell me you'll be here for me
No matter how
You tell me you'll come to me
Wrote me a song of love just now
But how will I know if this is true
When everyone says 'I love you'?

All the songs and movies say
All you told me in your way
How can I believe in you
If you tell me movies weren't true?
You metrified your love for me
Told me that was the right way to be

1ª estrofe

Please don't banalize this feeling
'Cause banalization is what I'm hearing
Just tell me you love me and don't rhyme
Can you do it? Just be mine?
I love you. But not till the day I die.
Until the day I love you
You will be eternalized

1ª estrofe

Don't show our pictures to your friends
If don't love me, don't pretend
Just accept when comes the end
'Cause I know I'll love you
'Till the day
Our love die

Thaïs Gualberto

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