sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

Player man

If you don’t love me
Why keep you playin’ with my heart?
I would give you the sun and stars
Though I know you won’t accept
‘Cause you don’t want my love
But you don’t let me go away
Make me smile everyday
That’s why I’m filled with hope

All my friends tell me to give up
But they know you would be
The right man for me
If you just let me love you
Oh my player man
Every night is sad without you
My cold feet don’t let me forget
That the man I love won’t love me back

If I just knew when I first met you
That you would make my heart beat so strong
I would have hugged you so you’d never
Ever ever go away
Oh my player man

That’s just how much I love you
Write a letter everyday
And burn it right away
‘Cause just as Billie I can’t admit
How hard will my heart beat
When you call my name

And in the empty crowd
I keep foolin’ myself
Pretending not to care
Pretendind to forget
A player man that makes me dream
Of a life I cannot live
A life where you would love me
And let me hug and kiss you
Even under the fiery sun

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