quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009


It is still quite clear in my mind the times when I had near me the ones that were enough. I didn’t realize that after that year, my life would never be the same. Okay, trough our lifetime we have a lot of changes, but this was the biggest I had so far. School years were over and in a moment I saw myself living the same mediocre life of always, while there were no more childhood friends or even the ones to cherish my world.
Sad was the first literature class I had this year. The same teacher I had last year and in my eleven’s, entered the room and I felt completely nostalgic. He was the same, and it was enough to remind me that I had failed. Saturday night, here comes my remainder childhood friend. Let me guess: I’m the first one? Of course you were, you always are… Where’s the vodka? Take the ice and the glasses. Sure, let me put some music. She’s no longer here.
Oh holy night that brought them back for such a short time and reminded me that I can’t live so far away from them; oh profane world that made such an evil separation. Where will I find those happy days? Then the three late ones arrived. Hugs, kisses and strident little screams for the meeting time. So we came inside to listen to the same old soundtrack and have the same behaviour. And it hasn’t changed, after all – thank God.
I can’t remember if I considered myself a happy person in those days… We rarely do. But I was glad to know that I had with me irreplaceable friends. Unfortunately, it has become a problem – now that I really need to substitute them for people who live near me. She took her brother’s digital camera and it was such a party! We forgot everything and had fun, took pictures, danced – as usual – took pictures, talked, took pictures, drank, took pictures and meanwhile, I was looking for something nice to wear.
Fortunately I don’t do this anymore, but we have this bad habit of complaining about this city. If it isn’t because it’s small, it’s because of the weather or just because we have few places to go (and one more time I thank God for that). We make our parties, and one of my best was my eighteen year old party: we did everything we were used to, but with more food, more drinks and a little more people in the house, but they didn’t matter. At that time, two of them weren’t talking to each other, and for my happiness, they were the first ones to come. The bell rang and the two other ones came with their Happiness Kit. It surely wasn’t the most expensive present I’ve ever won, but it was one of those I most liked. In fact, I’m using a part of it right now.
Our last hope is technology. We still can talk to each other every week, see each other trough pictures, but that’s all. Another party, just in three months. I know it isn’t that long, but as long as I don’t find something to trick me here, every week will be too long. I don’t know what I’m going to do; all I know is that I have to study. To live there or here, I need to go to college and need to find my path again so that I can meet them again, no matter where or when.
The radio was on while I had been waiting for my drink and a pop music was playing. It reminded me of one of those days where we used to take pictures and drink and dance and talk and laugh while I was learning how to do a nice make-up.

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  1. Outro texto antigo, esse deve ser de 2004. Relevem os erros do inglês, escrevi isso para um exercício de curso ;)

  2. Anônimo06:22

    fuck, i really miss this.
    a lot.

    we were happy.
    REALLY happy. we didnt know but we were... its all different now. i dont know what to think.

  3. We keep on learning... ;)

  4. hunf.... qndo vamos inventar aquela maquina do tempo e parar de sentir essa maldita nostalgia?
    eramos tao felizes, espontaneas e inocentes... ainda somos, mas era mais legal qndo eramos juntas, todas. eh triste saber q o tempo nao volta...
    mas qndo eu for ai a gente faz um revival (eh assim q escreve?) hehehe
    to tao orgulhosa q entendi o texto todo, de repente meu ingles nao ta tao ruim qnto eu imagino heehhehe

    teeeee amooo
    e eu to fiiicando louca essa semana, mas sabado te conto os mais novos babados hehehehe

  5. A gente era inocente?

    Eu super toparia usar a máquina do tempo ;D
    Mas um revival também tá valendo!